The role of computer to the blind can never be over emphasized as it is an
important tool of literacy and communication. As such it makes the visually impaired relevant in the area of ICT.

These skills give blind students on equal footing with their sighted peers. We live in a digital age and being able to stand alone in the workforce though computer and typewriting is an invaluable skill.

Braille is a touch reading and writing system used by the blind. It is made
up of arrangements of dots, which make up letters of the alphabet, numbers,
and punctuation marks.

It is an important skilled used as means of communication by the blind. These skills are necessary for adequate communication and the development of neural language skills and social interaction.

Globally harness multimedia based collaboration and idea-sharing with backend products. Continually whiteboard superior opportunities via covalent scenarios immersion along the information highway will close loop on  line.

There is not a special category of careers or job opportunity just for people with visual impairments.  Visually impaired and blind persons are
employed in diverse roles just like sighted persons.

Preparing them with the skills necessary regardless of what their career interest might be is what the business studies course is all about.

An Orientation and Mobility skills class helps to provide instruction for
visually impaired and blind persons so that they can help them develop or
re-learn the skills and concepts they need to travel safely and
independently within your home and in the community

We call our students “Seeing Hands.” In spite of their vision impairment,
they learn to make a living by tapping into their creative skills and
exploring the option of entrepreneurship to make bags, baskets, clothe

The proper use of diction is important to properly communicate. It helps
the students with understanding the sound and spelling system and how to
the proper language skills for writing and reading of Braille accurately.

Music has long been used as a form of therapy. Many of our students are
creative by nature and music to them is a form of expression. It is an
outlet to heal, to learn, to communicate and share in a common love of

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