Offer personal or cooperate service by donation of skills, time, products etc. to the Society
and our Vocational Training Center(VTC).

The Center provides a two year Vocational Training Program to enable blind adults and adolescents from all over the Federation acquire skills in Handicrafts, Braille Reading and writing, Dictaphone Typing, Computer, Mobility, Tie and Dye, and Bead making necessary for job placement in industries or for self-employment. To date, over 2,000 blind men and women have benefitted from the training and some of the graduates are in gainful employment.

The society prepares trainees to be self-employed, it also solicits employment opportunities with organizations and governments where the skills learnt could be put into effective use. Follow-up visits are made to ex-trainees and those requiring assistance are helped within the limit of the resources of the society...


The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind (A voluntary Organization) "NSB" or the "Society" came into...


The main aim of the society is to assist in promoting the general well-being of the blind, rehabilitate, and integrate them into...


In May 1955, the founding fathers, some of whom were Chief S.L Edu, Alhaji I.S Adewale and Dr G.A Ademola,all of blessed memory, established thei...


Life was good when I became the acting MD of the bank I worked for. With an MBA and 18 years of progressive banking experience, the future seemed bright. One day, as I was driving with my children at the back, I drove into an object on the road and my children asked “Mummy, why did you drive into it, didn’t you see it?” That was when I realised my vision was fading away. I honestly did not see the big carton!

I sought for help and went from hospital to hospital. I sold my houses to raise money for a trip to India. Unfortunately, on the date of the proposed trip, my eyesight plunged into a hopeless situation, negating the need for the trip. Within less than a year, I was reduced to penury and became poor. Friends and family deserted me. I became miserable. However, I thank God for my children and twin sister who stood by me and encouraged me.

As we were listening to the radio one day, my sister said I could do a better job at it than the presenter on the radio. She encouraged me to enroll at the Broadcasting Corporation which I did. I decided to learn Braille and was told about the Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind where I enrolled for a year. There, I learned new skills such as tie-dye, weaving of bags, basket weaving, shoe-making, bead-making in addition to music, typing, drama and sports.

Since the Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind is a boarding institution, it was good to be around others who had been afflicted with blindness too. There were young and middle aged people there and the staff made it easy for us to cope. Coping with blindness is not easy, but with the right encouragement, I have learned to see beyond my limitations and get on with life. Seven years after losing my sight, I now have a successful business selling crafts and work as a Consultant to various Ministries and Skills Acquisition Centres, teaching both the physically challenged and the sighted, men and women how to make crafts.

Life is good again and I am happy. My children are doing well in University and I thank God for their success. My boys have also been helpful in assisting my business. Weekend after weekend, I am always invited to pop-up sales at various locations. At one event organised by Lagos State, I even sold a handmade bag to Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture. I have also developed a motivational programme for radio and look forward to helping to lift up many more from depression.


MADAM KEHINDE CHRISTIANA AKINRINMADE-culled from an interview with Madam CK.


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