The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind (A voluntary Organization) ``FNSB`` or the ``Society`` came into existence in 1955 and established a Vocational Training Center for the Blind at Oshodi in December, I956.

The Center provides a two year Vocational Training Program to enable blind adults and adolescents from all over the Federation acquire skills in Handicrafts, Braille Reading and writing, Dictaphone Typing, Computer, Mobility, Tie and Dye, and Bead making necessary for job placement in industries or for self-employment. To date, over 2,000 blind men and women have benefited from the training and some of the graduates are in gainful employment.


The period of training is two years and some of the handicraft taught includes:
Cane Work: Weaving of baskets of various kinds, chairs, trays etc.
Rafia Work: Weaving of shopping bags, handbags, Bead making and Tie and Dye. Others include poly products Soap making, wooden flower vases.

The minimum educational level for entry into the course is primary six (special cases will be considered on their merit) and trainees are admitted from different state of the federation.

Those with reasonable standard of education and who show enough aptitude are trained in Braille Reading and Writing, Touch typing, Telephone and Dictaphone Typing (audio typing) and Computer Training. Extracurricular activities include Home Economics.

The female trainees compulsorily do Home craft, Knitting and Cookery. Counseling on the social effects of blindness is also given regularly.

A new service of providing a transit dormitory for blind students passing through or spending a short time in Lagos is in place. Apart from services to trainees, the society organizes seminars and workshops on topics connected with the welfare and rehabilitation of the prevention of blindness.

The society prepares trainees to be self-employed, it also solicits employment opportunities with organizations and governments where the skills learnt could be put into effective use. Follow-up visits are made to ex-trainees and those requiring assistance are helped within the limit of the resources of the society.

The society gives full scholarships for undergraduates or post graduates students in Nigeria universities through Trust Funds. Occasionally, scholarship is offered through the society to deserving trainees and university students.



Our vision is to become a world class model for breaking down barriers affecting the blind.



Our Mission is to produce sustainable and collaborative support for the blind by advocating for, rehabilitating, empowering the blind and working to prevent blindness.

Our organizational culture is DIRECT PASSION

  • Disciple & Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Respect for people
  • Excellence
  • Commitment to make a positive difference
  • Teamwork
  • Passion for supporting the blind

The main aim of the society is to assist in promoting the general well-being of the blind and rehabilitate and integrate them into the community.

  • To establish and maintain a Vocational Training Center.
  • To participate at all levels in the prevention of blindness and enrichment of the lives of blind persons.