Many people, through no fault of theirs, lose their eye sight with little or no notice. Life appears to end at that point. Children unable to go to school, artists no longer able to perform, other professionals with no ability to pursue their careers. The list is is heartbreaking. They are consigned to being hidden at home or to earning a living through begging.

Should this be so?

The Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind (FNSB) was set up in 1955 to fill the gap of rehabilitating and empowering adolescents and adults who suddenly lose their sight. We are a wholly voluntary Organization with membership drawn from interested individuals committed to contributing their own quota in ensuring that those who lose their sight are not prevented from leading as normal a life as possible and realizing their full potential.To achieve this objective, our Vocational Training Centre in Oshodi, Lagos State is committed to ensuring a productive life after sight loss for students who enroll in our 2 year programme. Since the centre became operational in 1956, about 2000 men and women have benefited from this programme in our serene environment.

Apart from mobility and braille, which is integral to the rehabilitation process, we offer academic and vocational proficiencies such as fabric tie and dye, cane furniture, soap making and nylon rope bag designs. Our students' designs are unique, as no two are the same!

We are sustained through funds donated by well meaning corporate organizations and individuals. While the centre has the capacity to cater for 60 students at a time, we presently cater for a fraction of that due to paucity of funds needed to upgrade the centre infrastructure, finish and equip the new workshop, train our staff and students etc.

There is so much more that can be done to uplift these fellow human beings and make them employable or self reliant. Lets "be our brother's keeper". Please help us so that THEY do not have to beg.


Ways To Give

Become a MEMBER by paying: Student fee of (N1, 000), Adult annual fee of (N5, 000), Life fee of (N50, 000) or Corporate fee(N250, 000) subscription.

Become an FNSB SIGHT GIVER. This can be done in various ways;

  1. Donate to the Society a dedicated amount every month.
  2. Donate proceeds of landmark events through tribute giving, e.g. birthdays, memorials or honoring of loved ones.

Be a Cornea donor. Leave clear instructions so that your cornea can give sight to someone after your passing.

Become a "FRIEND OF FNSB"; offer personal or Corporate service by donation of skills, time, products etc to the Society and VTC.